An Anecdote#1

After passing my high school exam, I promoted to the next class that was 11-C. My roll number was 49 in alphabetical order. Most of us thought that after high school, now we have time to relax. One day after some peaceful months, our class teacher announced the date of our half yearly exam. Like other Hindi Medium schools, our school also conducted a half-yearly and yearly exam and the half-yearly exam was essential as its marks added to our final exam. Though my group and I did not bother about that, we already joined our class teacher coaching class for getting good marks in the final exam. However, one person in my class was very bothered about it. This guy lived in the same area where I lived. We played a lot of cricket together but hardly talk to each other for long and he was the best player in my area. Eventually, we were in the same class but never chatted with each other.
So, One-day our exam started with Hindi paper and we both got the same exam hall, he was seated beside me. During the exam, I figured out that he actually wanted to help me in objective type questions and quickly I took his help as he was brighter in our class. Finally, the exam finished and we headed to our home. In same day evening, he came to me at my house and we chatted for a while and then he told me the reason why today he helped me, he offered me one deal that he would help me for the whole exam but I need to help him for English paper. He heard from someone that I was good in English as I got good marks in High school, and he wanted me to help him to get good marks in English papers. I took a long breath and accepted the deal, which was appropriate at that moment, I knew that our English papers were in the end.
As promised, he helped me during all the exams and at the end, English paper came. Examiner spread the question paper to us and I checked that paper was damn tough, I hardly knew the answers and someone else was also waiting for my call. Frankly speaking, I felt ashamed at that moment. He continuously asked me questions and I just gave my solemn look to him. Eventually, he got to knew that whatever he heard about me was bullshit and started the paper by himself. In the other hand, whatever I knew, I answered it and had been waiting for the time to end. I accepted that I would fail in this exam. When only one hour left I turned my head to him and we looked at each other for a while and he smiled and showed me his copy and I did not want to leave that golden opportunity and copied everything I could see and the exam went over.
After a few days, We got our results, he got 3rd position in our class and I also passed with average marks.

To sum up, I always think about, why he helped me at that time??Maybe he played well cricket than me but that day my good fortune also played well.

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The Quarantine Days

Hello Friends,
Greeting for the day…

Recently, I read an article on google and it was about a competition of essay writing for “How corona pandemic affects our life”. There were huge submissions for this essay competition, they accepted all kind of medium like video, text and audio. The main motto of the competition was to gather the information for future generation and show them how we feel during corona pandemic. I found this idea very interesting and I decided to write about my experiences during the pandemic era and I think that you should too, keep it personal but do it for your future generation. This time is so crucial and will never be repeated again. save it somewhere.

Now, it’s been four and half months of corona outbreak Initially, it was hard to accept, however,as time passes, we are trying to obtain that.The coronavirus has transformed our life. institutions are closed, we’re confined to our homes and the future feels very uncertain.
Like others, I was also hyperactive with my work and about to get something extraordinary, which I deserve, and all of a sudden things went to another track. When our prime minister announced the first-ever lockdown for one month. Frankly, I never heard the word “Lockdown” before and I was in one resort with some friends and my business partners. Everyone was enjoying that moment as we thought that it was a short-term break for one month, furthermore, it wasn’t the only reason, actually, the resort has a big pool inside, a gym, a badminton court, a multiplex cinema hall and 5000 sq/feet park and more other amenities as well. We also had a team of cook that could make whatever, we wanted. The first couple of week was really memorable, afterwards, we got realized that it was not for one month only, the condition will worsen in future as the virus was spreading like hell.
Eventually, we decided to left that place and headed to our home and we did immediately. I personally spent a lot as I had to book a personal car( borrowed by friend) and driver after getting my E-pass.
So, finally, I came to my home town and started my life again, although, the first week was awful as it is my father’s place and I have to follow his rules and regulations and once I admitted and changed my daily routine, I got a very weird feeling about my previous life, sometimes, I started questioning myself why I left my home 10 years ago, perhaps, just to find out that how much caliber I have or just for making money or else I was looking for this togetherness which I finally got it at home. I never get the courage to ask this question to my father who never wanted me to leave the house. Now it’s been two months at home, feel jubilant to be part of home again, got something which I missing out, maybe we all are??
My father says this time is the opportunity to learn and do not let this time to go like this.He is leaning how use twitter so that he can twit and read twit of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Our Prime Minister.I must admit that wherever we’re in our life, we always need someone to get motivation. So, right now it’s my father.

As we already know, this situation will take time, maybe this whole year.So, despite thinking about the problems, we should look for solutions.Let’s update our skills or acquire new skills, learn a new language, music, art etc. Now, we do not have this excuse that I am dame busy with my work, perhaps you’re. But I still want you to think about this and let’s do something productive.

To sum up, my story is similar to everyone’s story during this pandemic, we do have something in common. Let’s find out, most of you start working from home like me, missing the previous days of life, unnecessary shopping, day and night out with friends, movies, travelling, delicious food and drinks and you do postpone the important works for next month. Most of you maybe ordering silly kinds of stuff from Amazon and at last, every day waiting for a corona vaccine to come, so that we can again get back to our old life.But this life is not that bad we think.

Brace yourself!

Yours Sincerely,

Mr.Sparky !!

Indeed! you do not need anyone to teach you or motivate you for your life, just because you think that it is over now,and there is no hope for you.Nevertheless, if you're a staunch believer of God and trust that everything was created by him.You should read this article till the end as I want to share one small incident which I went through recently. Perhaps it may change your perception of life.

I am working in an Institute of animation for last 5 years, which has 5000sq/feet huge area, having approximately 100 students
as we are offering animation courses such as 2d animation, 3d animation and film making which requires high-quality computer lab and equipment, however, we do not have appropriate computers, although we are trying to give our best output on these pc and our students are doing good on these machines. We have around fifty machines with i5 processor.
I know, what you guys are thinking, why I am telling you all these things about my computer lab. Hold on guys, today's motivation is somewhere in the computer lab. I am talking about one CPU which we use to call "Mr Sparky".It is one of the fifty CPU's means our one computer machine among all fifty machines. The main question is,why we call it "Mr Sparky".Our all computers connected with one main server computer, which connected with our master invertor, Which means the inverter is the only source of providing current to our machine. Every day, we start our inventor at 9 am and shut down at 6.30pm.Consequently, you may switch on the CPU button to open the particular machine but there is one machine which does not bother for this push to switch on as when we turn on the inverter at mourning, it starts automatically. At the beginning,I was the first person who has complained about this issue to management as I thought it was a waste of electricity and it was really.Management has done everything from changing electric wire to CPU's SMPS,but nothing has happened.After all this hassle, finally,everybody has accepted the CPU with an open heart and given one unique name "Mr Sparky.I know for everyone it was a misfortune or a grotesque incident.But when I try to think about it very deeply in a quiet place,I found a lesson on it. 

Suppose, Mr Sparky is a "Human" and a small "Current" is the "Motivation" and we're the "Obstacles", then at the end, Mr Sparky has won the game.He/she has done what he/she tried to do, everyone like us was forced to stop him/her, we did everything that we could do in order to control him/her. However, nobody can even make a pinhole to Mr Sparky's desire as Sparky has enormous spark and focus in his/her mind and sparky knows that what is best for him/her. Sparky does not need anyone to give him order or instruction for what is good or bad for him/her. Despite thinking about problems and consequences
Mr Sparky has made his/her own decision and followed it completely. Thus, in the end, everyone would put their gun down as your instincts are very strong.
In conclusion, try to observe your life and its incidents very deeply, and you'll find every untold answer. Life has everything which you are looking for, be it happiness, be it excitement and entertainment. However,sorrow and disappointment are also part of our life. Do not try to ignore it instead observe and live it like happiness and achievement.
That's why I am enjoying the negative energy like positive energy both are equal to me.


Pre- jet lag

If you read my blogs, you’ll find about my life which is full of unwanted-surprises and unpredictable things, although I am used to it now! But still, you would never be prepared for your life. It’s been 3 years when I decided to go abroad for further study or work, however, after that, I got my visitor visa. I know these sentences are not connected at all but if you observe it closely you will find that it actually happens in life most often. You endeavour something, you face something and finally, you get something else. I know most of them will not appreciate this and most will, however, it is true that if you do not plan anything on paper, chances of downfall would be increased. Moreover, excessive preparation also leads you to anxiety and headache, increases your blood pressure. Therefore, I call it “pre-jetlag”.

In conclusion, I would like to state that if you’re willing to do something, instead of wasting your time on assumptions and unnecessary queries, you should make your timetable or time management and quickly start working on it without worrying about nightmares.

Magnetic Attractions..

Do you know about your biggest fear and anything which annoyed you most often? I think everyone knows because it is somewhere stuck in our mind, even though we always fight with those weird things. I have my own personal experience with these anxieties and I would like to make one suggestion on this –

First of all, list those things on paper which you enjoy the most and which you do not, perhaps your fears. Moreover, try to mix your fears and dislikes with the likes and that is all!!

I know that was a bit complicated but here is the sum up;

“if you don’t accept your weaknesses and fears by yourself, nobody is going to accept that”

Try to be happy what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t, because one day you definitely going to get it.

When you try to ignore your weakness or fears, it will come again and again with strong consequences and you can’t resist it. You need to banish it completely from the root.

Only smart decision and positivity is needed If you really want to change your game.

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