Mr.Sparky !!

Indeed! you do not need anyone to teach you or motivate you for your life, just because you think that it is over now,and there is no hope for you.Nevertheless, if you're a staunch believer of God and trust that everything was created by him.You should read this article till the end as I want to share one small incident which I went through recently. Perhaps it may change your perception of life.

I am working in an Institute of animation for last 5 years, which has 5000sq/feet huge area, having approximately 100 students
as we are offering animation courses such as 2d animation, 3d animation and film making which requires high-quality computer lab and equipment, however, we do not have appropriate computers, although we are trying to give our best output on these pc and our students are doing good on these machines. We have around fifty machines with i5 processor.
I know, what you guys are thinking, why I am telling you all these things about my computer lab. Hold on guys, today's motivation is somewhere in the computer lab. I am talking about one CPU which we use to call "Mr Sparky".It is one of the fifty CPU's means our one computer machine among all fifty machines. The main question is,why we call it "Mr Sparky".Our all computers connected with one main server computer, which connected with our master invertor, Which means the inverter is the only source of providing current to our machine. Every day, we start our inventor at 9 am and shut down at 6.30pm.Consequently, you may switch on the CPU button to open the particular machine but there is one machine which does not bother for this push to switch on as when we turn on the inverter at mourning, it starts automatically. At the beginning,I was the first person who has complained about this issue to management as I thought it was a waste of electricity and it was really.Management has done everything from changing electric wire to CPU's SMPS,but nothing has happened.After all this hassle, finally,everybody has accepted the CPU with an open heart and given one unique name "Mr Sparky.I know for everyone it was a misfortune or a grotesque incident.But when I try to think about it very deeply in a quiet place,I found a lesson on it. 

Suppose, Mr Sparky is a "Human" and a small "Current" is the "Motivation" and we're the "Obstacles", then at the end, Mr Sparky has won the game.He/she has done what he/she tried to do, everyone like us was forced to stop him/her, we did everything that we could do in order to control him/her. However, nobody can even make a pinhole to Mr Sparky's desire as Sparky has enormous spark and focus in his/her mind and sparky knows that what is best for him/her. Sparky does not need anyone to give him order or instruction for what is good or bad for him/her. Despite thinking about problems and consequences
Mr Sparky has made his/her own decision and followed it completely. Thus, in the end, everyone would put their gun down as your instincts are very strong.
In conclusion, try to observe your life and its incidents very deeply, and you'll find every untold answer. Life has everything which you are looking for, be it happiness, be it excitement and entertainment. However,sorrow and disappointment are also part of our life. Do not try to ignore it instead observe and live it like happiness and achievement.
That's why I am enjoying the negative energy like positive energy both are equal to me.


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