Pre- jet lag

If you read my blogs, you’ll find about my life which is full of unwanted-surprises and unpredictable things, although I am used to it now! But still, you would never be prepared for your life. It’s been 3 years when I decided to go abroad for further study or work, however, after that, I got my visitor visa. I know these sentences are not connected at all but if you observe it closely you will find that it actually happens in life most often. You endeavour something, you face something and finally, you get something else. I know most of them will not appreciate this and most will, however, it is true that if you do not plan anything on paper, chances of downfall would be increased. Moreover, excessive preparation also leads you to anxiety and headache, increases your blood pressure. Therefore, I call it “pre-jetlag”.

In conclusion, I would like to state that if you’re willing to do something, instead of wasting your time on assumptions and unnecessary queries, you should make your timetable or time management and quickly start working on it without worrying about nightmares.

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