Magnetic Attractions..

Do you know about your biggest fear and anything which annoyed you most often? I think everyone knows because it is somewhere stuck in our mind, even though we always fight with those weird things. I have my own personal experience with these anxieties and I would like to make one suggestion on this –

First of all, list those things on paper which you enjoy the most and which you do not, perhaps your fears. Moreover, try to mix your fears and dislikes with the likes and that is all!!

I know that was a bit complicated but here is the sum up;

“if you don’t accept your weaknesses and fears by yourself, nobody is going to accept that”

Try to be happy what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t, because one day you definitely going to get it.

When you try to ignore your weakness or fears, it will come again and again with strong consequences and you can’t resist it. You need to banish it completely from the root.

Only smart decision and positivity is needed If you really want to change your game.

#personal experience #deepaknegative

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